Stutter/Lag on slowmotion

The Screen is choppy and laggy when i use weapons that do some “slow-motion” effects (like the Liquid Tiberium Bomb from Gbombs, Ness homerun bat and Dear sister SWEP V2) but it is stutterry unlike the gameplays i see on videos,so i put a video to show what happens. but take note of the FPS on the top left, it is not affected. is it the effect itself?
how do i fix it? i really wanna see the slow motion smoothly.

i know i need to contact the authors buuuut this problem applied to most their addons

From the video it looks like your GPU doesn’t have enough ‘oomph’ to process the frame blend (blur)

what do you mean?
how do i fix it?

It seems your PC isn’t quite ready on some areas of 3D capability.
You can’t render so many particles at once or that will destroy the frame-rate.
You can’t handle shading/shadows and that can destroy frame-rate but you have it optimized.
These addons are NOT OPTIMIZED WHATSOEVER so if you try to use it on a beefy PC, it will most likely lag still, but on yours, your PC graphics processor can’t take that heap of objects at once.

Try these commands, they might reduce/get rid of lag:

mat_reducefillrate 1 (0 is default)
mat_reduceparticles 1 (0 is default)
mat_bumpmap 0

It’s the weapons you are using, they force motion blur on you. ( Crap Reskins of Dear Sister SWEP )
Also, make sure you don’t have anything in the Post Process tab enabled.

It didn’t work, but it reduced my lag a bit tho!

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Okay! this one worked! thank you guys!