Stuttering and Freezes

I dont know why but I get short freezes like every 10 sec when I play this game and Its stuttering alot… Its really annoying and I wanted to see If someone can help me. This only seems to happen on Rust and It doesn’t happen to any of my friends.

My PC Specs:

Intel Core i5-3350P Ivy Bridge 3.1GHz (3.3GHz Turbo)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

Game is installed on a SSD.

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I even recorded it!

i was taking this things too then i buy a SSD and installed on it.

Then freeze was gone.
idk how.

Its a problem with your Realtek audio drivers. Now that you know whats causing it you can google/search the forum for numerous other threads that might help you. Buy yourself a cheep usb headset and disable your audio drivers when you play rust.

I have IDT High Definition Audio CODEC not realtek.

It’s a common, and not a really bug. I saw through your window, that have a building near your house, this freezes is your video card processing all the building at same time, and this cost time. This happening to me too.

Go outside and make a test, look to the building and after the freeze will appears.

Yea It happens less outside but I still get micro stutters and they can happen pretty frequently sometimes especially when Im turning and stuff, my friend who has a worse gpu than mine never expriences this so I figured theres a problem.

The game hasn’t been optimized at all. There are a lot of issues with hardware that should be able to run it perfectly.

I have an old AMD 7750 dual-core and a Radeon HD 4870 and the game runs totally smooth for me pretty much all the time (barring server lag). Yet people with super new fancy rigs can sometimes barely play the game at all, that’s just how it goes for now.

So there is nothing I can do to fix these freezes then?

Just wait the new Rust…

As GalegO said, basically you have to live with these performance issues until Rust is further along in development. The reboot (experimental branch, currently) is supposedly going to run a lot more smoothly, but getting it to an enjoyably playable state will take a bit. I have the same issue with DayZ, I have a pretty decent rig, but DayZ runs soooooo shitty on it, so I basically just have to wait for it to be better optimized before I can really enjoy it.

Tried that experimental branch… well Its pretty fucked up but the game looks alot better and I am having none of these issues there. :confused: Too bad Its unplayable.

Yeah, it’s still under pretty heavy development. In time it’ll get better.

Maybe Garry can give us some bullets to us xD

This it would make the Experimental a little more fun…

They need something in there to distract people, all anyone can really do for long periods of time is chat, and that leads to some horrifyingly morbid chat.