Stuttering Problem

I have been getting a lot of stuttering with Rust. No matter what i change the Graphics to. It happens when im 60 FPS +. I don’t know what to do.
Ive Tried Alot of options and I’m just running out. Does anyone have any ideas?

I have an Nvidia GTX 760
8GB Ram

fps doesnt drop while it stutters ?

Mine will regularly drop from about 55, to maybe like 22, for a half second or so, and recovers back to higher fps… (i could be chopping a tree, and halfway it just drops, not even like im walking past a huge base or visiting a monument or anything, just random)

Another thing i have, is when i press ALT, to start free-look, it also stutters for like half a second…

also, check your ram & cpu usage

Mine will stay above 60 and still stutter.

Look at this video:
Not my video btw but this is excactly what I am getting

Check your ram, stutter is usually related to memory.

Is it on all servers? I’ve had stutters before, but only on select servers.

Very strange as the official FP london servers are fine, but if I go on Manchester 1, which is even closer to me than London, it starts stuttering to the point where it doesn’t make any sense to play on that server.

This is weird because I play on Manchester Small 1. and I havent tried any other servers because i dont really want to change servers but ill try it and see if it stops

Yeah it’s a weird one. have a pop around other low-ping official servers/community servers just to test it!

I upgraded my graphics card from r9 270 2GB to r9 380 4GB - it lost the stuttering (visual “twitching” that affects the sense of movement), but the fps-spikes are same old, just as you’ve described (im assuming it’s just the effect of unotpimized Alpha).