Styling scrollbar, the one that comes with DScrollPanel

I have no idea how to do it since it’s code is in C++ according to what H. Matt says.
I just need an example, a simple Paint() function will be enought.

In C++? DScrollPanel uses DVScrollBar, the sources are both in Lua. You can access the DScrollPanel’s VBar using Panel:GetVBar, VBar.btnUp is the up button, VBar.btnDown is the down button and VBar.btnGrip is the grip, you can override the paints of all of those.

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You could just use problems that don’t need threads…

Just in case you wanted to keep the little arrows on the buttons

self.btnUp = vgui.Create( "DButton", self )
	self.btnUp:SetText( "" )
	self.btnUp.DoClick = function ( self ) self:GetParent():AddScroll( -1 ) end
	self.btnUp.Paint = function( panel, w, h ) derma.SkinHook( "Paint", "ButtonUp", panel, w, h ) end
	self.btnDown = vgui.Create( "DButton", self )
	self.btnDown:SetText( "" )
	self.btnDown.DoClick = function ( self ) self:GetParent():AddScroll( 1 ) end
	self.btnDown.Paint = function( panel, w, h ) derma.SkinHook( "Paint", "ButtonDown", panel, w, h ) end

Well, thanks then.

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Almost posted something that was supposed to be sent over steam :v:

Anyways, thanks for all the help, marking as solved