Stylish House


boy thats sure is stylish

Compiled screenshots please.


He meant like, screenshots of the compiled map, as in, in-game.

Looks like this a bit if you ask me.

Yes, all houses look like houses.


damn, that is some tasty brush. I’d love to see it compiled though. Usually if it looks good in Hammer, it looks GREAT in-game.

Right, because every single house in the world has identical architecture.


imo, I don’t think it looks like Ramone’s house in the slightest. They share the same theme, “Modern House”, but that’s about it.


Good job so far, keep up the good work.

Looks good but just compile it and show us how it looks in game. After all, it is a rule of this section.


I hope you are building that. If you ordered a prebuilt\custom built (like Ibuypower, alienware, hardcore computer) you are getting raped in the ass in terms of pricing.


Looks nice.