Sub Crafting

This idea isn’t something that’s going to be completely game changing it’s just something that can help when you’re crafting something. From personal experience I find it annoying when I want to craft something e.g. a shotgun, and It says that I have no low quality metal in my inventory but I have metal fragments, enough to make the 12 low quality metal. I just feel it would be a little easier if you could turn them straight into a shotgun or something else of course factoring in the time taken to turn the metal fragments into low quality metal. You could also have something under the crafting telling you what also will be crafted e.g. something that says “Sub-Crafting: metal fragments -> low quality metal”.

Then again this is just an idea and may not even fit in with the game or be possible to create just, just interested to see what people’s thoughts were on something like this.

I like the idea but I’ve not put too much thought into it yet. Seems harmless but then doesnt this completely negate the purpose of lqm and wood planks? Are they superfluous items anyway? Should the shotgun just require however many metal frags is equiv to lqm? And wooden foundations just cost 80 wood? I guess this begs the question as to why lqm and planks are required beyond the time it takes to craft them? I suppose without them you would need huge stockpiles of wood instead of neatly having stacks of planks or giant piles of frags instead of one or two stacks of lqm.

Yea I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I feel that lqm wouldn’t be as useful as it is now but could still be used to clear up space in chests if you have too much metal fragments and also cut down on future crafting times. The shotgun probably wasn’t the best example but what about things like explosive charges? you need flayers and explosives, leather etc, wouldn’t it be easier if you could just have it craft flayers into explosive charges for you? you could still use flayers for other purposes. But still this was just a though I had in game when I was getting a bit frustrated about how I keept needing to go back and forth between wood planks and walls, ceilings, doors etc. But still I don’t know this probably wont be in everyone’s intrest. currently if I want to make a house using the exact amount of resources I have to calculate it which is a bit more tedious than just having it implemented in the crafting system.

It would be a cool time saver, sure. But I’d rather not have them spend dev time on a feature that would save you all of like… 3 seconds out of a crafting session when there’s so many other things that need to get implemented.

It would be nice to just hit craft when you have enough raw materials and it adds whatever time is necessary. Hopefully down the line we can have something like this, I wonder if someone could make a mod that does this.

yea a mod would be cool the only problem I see with a mod is that I wouldn’t trust it for a multiplayer only game, too much risk of it being picked up as hacks and getting banned or vac banned.

Naw, haven’t seen anyone banned for playing on modded servers yet, unless they themselves were altering game files.

Oh sorry :P, I didn’t know you meant a modded server I thought you meant a game mod that did it for you on all servers.

I am not a fan of things that “make things easier” or “simplify” things in the game simply out of convenience. Not a fan of “dumbing” things down.

Oh, sorry, Mr. Hardcore. Considering this wouldn’t “dumb” anything down, just consolidate crafting. Where exactly is the critical thinking aspect in a few extra superfluous clicks?

lol…a little sensitive aren’t we?

No, just wondering if you read more than one sentence before firing off a generic response.

Then ask that. And yes I did. Thanks for asking.

I honestly wish it was more in-depth like you had to craft each piece of the weapon e.g for an M4 you would have to craft a stock, upper receiver, lower reciever, barrel, muzzle, bolt and then take all the parts to a higher level work bench and craft the M4. Maybe even have to make molds of each piece and place it in a furnace with l.q.m or metal frags like 7 days to die. It would make each pvp shoot out that much more intense and interesting because you wouldn’t want to lose that Damn thing lol.

It wasn’t a question, which speaks volumes of your reading comprehension.

This would be awesome and a direction I would fully support.

The last thing I would want to see is things getting dumbed down or easier. This game needs more to pull it further away from being a build a shack then Call Of Duty game. Much more depth in almost all aspects of the game, so it can feel more like surviving and a touch of realism.

-Thanks for the support Outlawpickle nice to see there are people that can see the potential in this game-

Would pull out the complex aspect and make it so simple that it feels dull.