Sub-D surface creation problem

Hey there,

so I have managed to get my self to Sub-D modeling and I’m doing great so far, until yet.
I went into a problem where I could need your help.

How would I manage to create such a surface with Sub-D?:

That thing should just be floating geometry on the current mesh:

Everything I have tried didn’t work so far, it just results in a mess.

Thanks in advance =)

Do it manually?

And now some person please that does know something about subdivision modeling…

If you don’t get it what the problem is, than just ask me to explain it a bit more, instead of writing down such a useless answer!

Here’s a rifle I made a while ago. If I decided to make it again I would probably go about it in a different way.

Never mind, go it finally working :slight_smile:



Would you mind explaining what exactly I have said that’s incorrect, instead of being rude.

Well, doing stuff “manually” is the usual way you do when modeling stuff. Surfaces like this one aren’t generated automatically :wink:

And sorry if it sounded rude to you, wasn’t meant that way.