Sub Forum request - Cheats and exploits

I suggest that there should be a seperate Forum or report system for the eyes of the staff only where people can open new topics and read the topics they created but not see other user’s topics.


Occasionally there are major exploits like the blueprint “dupes” or the real actual dupes some weeks before.
When somebody finds out such a glitch and he posts it publicly, people will try it and use it for their own profit.
Several servers will consider wiping after the hotfix. I witnessed such a situation when there was a duping exploit.
The server wiped due to the “actual dupe bug” and many people quit.

Another example:
At the time of the blueprint exploit we opened a base where we would find about 80 C4 and 20+ tier 4 blueprints.
We used some of that in the same night but soon we lost the interest in destroying everybody’s homes with glitched c4, although we just raided the glitchers and obtained it in a legit way.
70 C4 was left in our base before wipe.

I think bugs of that calibre shouldn’t be posted publicly. Same goes for cheats.
There was somebody in this forum I called a moron for posting a link to a cheater’s forum.

Please remove such sensible content from the eyes of the public.

Press f7 in game to open a bug reporting window. The public won’t see it if you use that.

Hmm okay I didn’t know that, but what about external links to cheater websites?
Those aren’t bugs. Still I think that not everybody should see this.

Well they could add in some forums where only the devs can see but for the time being put link’s to cheater websites in the bug thing. They will still get them.

You could probably just tweet at the banning bot.

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But if they’re pay to enter said site which most are I doubt you’re going to get anyway and it would be pointless.