Sub Forums for rust

Hello everybody!

I wondered if this forum could use some sub forums for frequently started thread categories. People could more easily see all the previously started threads on similar topics,
I imagined it to be 4 sub forums:

  • General Rust discussion
  • Rust Videos
  • Help & Bug report
  • Server advertisement

Why Server advertisement? Because people will keep trying to advertise for their servers somehow, if they aren’t allowed to. And server hosts are banned for their 1st post and will probably not come again. By allowing server hosts to advertise in a section here in the forums, the forums could become more popular and more server hosts will visit the forums to update their presentation or answer questions and will eventually report the bugs they discover on their servers. I’ve seen such a server advertisement section in the SA:MP forums working well. People who put a lot of effort into a good presentation might be successful with their servers. And also, people looking into the help subforum for actual help are way more likely to find it because anybody who doesn’t want to help people will just don’t go to that subforum. Subforums in this rust section would grant all users the possibility to filter their required information in a better way.

the people that register just to make these server adverts despite a half dozen warnings telling them not to almost never come back again regardless lol.

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and we already tried a server subforum. it was a horrid mess because everyone was spamming their adverts over and over in order to not get buried in the sea of other idiots spamming as well. It never stopped, no matter how many warnings or bans we gave.