Sub-Server Teleportation?

I have this little idea. Me and a few friends are creating a Mingebag-Extenction force, designing traps and weapons for the eradication of mingebags. Sure, we could ban em, but where’s the fun in that? Anyways, we made a cool trap, and a friend had a mingebag infestation, and wanted us to remove them. We advanced duped our weapons, and prepared to join, but when we got there no advanced dupe! So, instead of doing things the easy way, we decided to try and create a sub-server teleport using the stargate and PC mods in sync…Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that didn’t work. But, we didn’t giveup, and got more lost, so we decided to take it to the public. We have a few requests, and hoping someone out there is a good enough scripter to do it. Basically, what we need is a way to create a stargate ring that lock onto a given IP and teleport us to the server, whether they have the server teleport mod or not, and still have a safe way to get back to our server safetly. Passwords will still need to be sumbitted, so it won’t technically be too bad. Basically, it’s almost the same as doing the connect (IP) in the console, but with teleporter so it can be open for long periods of time and you decide when what things go through. But anyways, is this possible, and if so, could someone help us? Thanks much!

Since nobody seems to think it will work, could someone help me at least get the connect to server console command (connect <ip>) lua script?


Upload/Download Adv.Dupe Menu, ever heard about ;))

Aww…Where is the fun in that? lol

Not possible. And how comes that you think that placing a stargate on another server would work?
Even if it was possible, I don’t think is a good idea. But I think some mods allow server redirection.

Actually, what I was planing to do was edit the stargate’s script so it would jump the IP contraband, basically doing the same thing AS a stargate, except for someone in their own game…The stargate itself is just to look cool.

It’s very possible, but the other server requires it. It’s suprisingly simple for players, but gets very complicated if you want to transport contraptions too.


Here’s the basic idea. We’re assuming that every server can have just one Global Stargate. Stargate-addresses are automatically generated from the server’s IP-address.

  1. Player dials the stargate to another server
  2. Dial successful - the gate opens on local server
  3. Player steps through
  4. Player is now connecting to the other server - the gate closes after a few seconds on local server
  5. Player is about to spawn - the gate opens on the remote server
  6. Player spawns in front of the stargate - the gate closes after a few seconds, if nothing else is coming through

Then we would have a web-page which handles all the server-to-server communication. Of course, it all only works in theory.

It’s entirely possible, working similar to what DarKSunrise said. You wouldn’t need a web page to do server to server, you can get away with the LuaSocket binary module. It also might be possible to teleport contraptions, by serisalising the contraption into an adv dupe, then beaming the adv dupe text file to the other server. It’s quite a large task and would require a team of coders, and would be very tricky to get working. But entirely possible.

If someone does manage to get this working eventually,itll be cool as fuck!

Ya see, that’s what I mean!That’;s basically what I was hopin for! Do you seriously think it’s possible?

It’s possible,but that would need lua connected server(take a look at gmod tower,but they worked about that almost 6 month),and you need to send info about the stargates every second,possibile,but laggy as hell.

What about something such as a thing that can be turned on? Say, for instance, a friend is having Mingebag problems, and want’s to teach them a lesson BEFORE they crash the server. They give us a call, boot up their teleporter, and then we come through with all out mingbag-away tech. Or, another thing, a server war calls in for backup, so they do the same. Would that be possible?

Prop block the stargate :smug:

I have been thinking of a system something like this, but non-the-less i have a theory on how this “Sub-Server Teleportaion” system would work.

First: You have the Star-Gate on the map of the picked server.

Second: Anyone who has interacted with the Star-Gate mod should know that if you press “E” (or what ever your “USE” key is) a menu open’s and there is a list of the active and not hidden Star-Gates, then you would double click the Gate you want to go to and it opens.

Third: I belive this Menu system could be implicated for a easy and user-friendly GUI. it would simply have a server list as in the regular server browser, then you just double click it and the gate activates and then it opens and you step through, or if you simply know the server IP then you just puit it in as you would in the regular “Local Star-Gate’s on the server” and you submit it and the same process happens.

Forth: Now for the contraptions i think it should go through and then it gets loded into the basic compresed .TXT file that ADV-DUPE uses and it gets uploaded and then you go through (If you use the ADV-DUPE u know the little bar that pops up when you upload and download a contraptions with a percent number on how much its done) but you must wait un-till it has been uploaded to the server and thats when you go.

My ideas for this intresting subject are, i hope, valuable and will be considered, but please dont take me up on asking me do make it my-self, for I am still learning LUA.

I made a really simple version of what your talking about once. At least i think its the same thing from what i quickly read here. Basically i set my server up and left it running then i joined someone elses server and made a command box from connas tools i think it was. Its basically something you can input a command into that will put into your console when activated (I just put something like join [whatever my ip was] i forget the actual command). Then i just left it in the server with a button saying press me. People pressed it and were transported to my server.

YOu have an open mind, and you sound like the kinda person who this project needs! IF you have hamachi, join my server “Server Jumpers” the password is “teleport”.


How did you manage that? Awesome! You’ve gotta talk to me about this! Got hamachi or Xfire? IF so lemme know your stats.

That is ingenious! Instant server population! :stuck_out_tongue:

In standard Gmod teleportaion prop blocking is very effective, but, seeing that you die when you stand in font of the the Star-Gate then should it not destroy any props in front of it?


Thank you for the invitation, and I will take you up on it, but, in time. I am currently on vacation on a tropical island and I will not arrive back at home untill some time past September the 7-10. Sorry but I belive I deserve a break!

Oh and about the question you asked me, about if I had Xfire of ???, sorry I dont but seeing as that you have Garrysmod then you must have Steam, PM me with you Steam ID name and I will add you, I will also send mine when I get a chance

if the prop is in some way connected to the Gate (Weld, nocollided, etc.) the kawoosh won’t destroy the prop

Well, Why wont this just run the connect IPHERE command in the client’s console and add a spawnpoint right infront of the Stargate :p?