Vidya is pretty crap but hey :v:

Sweet jesus, this was usefull!

I think I want to love you up. I’ve been needing a decent tutorial on this technique for ages.

Good song choice is good.

Good tutorial is good.

Very useful tutorial, thanks i’ve been thinking how to do that. :smiley:

And here I thought I’d get a storm of clocks and a bunch of angry replies going “rawr everyone knew this idiot video sucks rawr rwarawr!”

Sorry to be slightly irrelevant, but can you give me the youtube link of the song used in the video, and if you have no link can you give the name?

Lol summer madness from GTA Vice City.


Still watching vid, good so far


Was cool but seeing it in-game afterward would have been really neat. Will take into consideration when working with terrain.

We must be prepared for a spam of epic maps having this great displacements.

Thank you so much for this tutorial. It’s very useful. You should make more tutorials if you can.

My ears died at parts (see 0:50) but the tutorial is great. I always thought you had to do this by hand with one big brush.

Also is it necessary to build the taller sections from smaller brushes or can you make it all one brush? I am assuming not because of sewing issues but thought I would ask anyway.

Making them with several smaller brushes would make it less round.

Enjoy the wrench, even though you only use a Hammer :smug:

Feel free to rate me dumb but how do you move the camera while in texture select? I can’t get it to work…

Love the tutorial and especially loved that the background music wasn’t shitty techno.

Did you try clicking in the 3D window and pressing z then moving around as normal? It should be exactly the same as moving around in 3D regularly.

Lord Ned did give us a run through of how to do something similar to this a while ago using edgeloops, which is kind of like what you get by doing this method too. It seems like Valve took their displacement/ subdivision methods straight out of a modelling program.

Very nice tutorial, no annoying voices or music, and very straightforward.

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

the height of one face must match the one next to it, otherwise it will shoot out spikes and fuck you over like a mexican girl in a drug rage.

I just hover the mouse over the 3d view and press z. then I just move my mouse around as usual.

Yeah, a very good tutorial too. Way better than this, the only difference really is that I only show them how you do it in hammer in realtime (with some cuts) while Ned did it with pictures. His tutorial explained everything you need to know about it and even gave some examples of how it can be used. But I just figured some people would want a video tutorial just showing them how to use it.

I would personally have started with brushes sized to meet the edge of the brush below/above it instead of having 4 brushes stacked together, so that you don’t get these really stretched out displacements. But it’s still a nice tutorial on showing how to use the tool, rated you a wrench.

Thanks! Was able to create this.

That looks wonderful!