"Subject A escaped and is now running riot!" [S. trying to kill a failed experiment]

I did not aim for any sense, I mainly wanted to try out some photoshop techniques, but I don’t know if it turned out that good… anyway here is the picture:


If you want a little story: America -> experiments with humans to improve their physical abilites -> fail
The soldiers have to use special weapons, constructed to kill a being with special abilites. normal weapons are useless (actually, I lost my good weapons pack and had to think over :v:)

original picture: http://img123.imageshack.us/img123/9617/wasteland0004.jpg

C&C plox

Reminds me of SatanSin’s pic.

well, I was starting to work on this after I’ve seen his picture and scrolled through the comments. I saw a comment from GoldenBullet were he linked to a photoshop tutorial site, I downloaded some brushes from it :v:

Cool work. I like it.

only two comments? D:

nice pic

The effect is actually pretty neat :slick: