Subjects of Skynet

Fairly simple image that I made today as basically concept art for a comic idea I’ve had in the back of my mind for years. Might make it, might not, but in any case I thought the image, while simple, was striking enough to share.

Hardly an expert on lighting so feedback is very welcome. I did my best in that regard, Photoshop and all.

Credit to Joazzz for the awesome T-800 model and Nahka, I believe, for the nude model whose private parts have been obscured to make it more “sexy” than “pornographic”.

Really simple picture indeed but it’s still really well made.

booooobs :quagmire:

Yeah, in hindsight it probably wasn’t worth a thread, especially as the “Want To Post A Picture But Don’t Want To Make A Thread” thread has more complex things on display, but then again I did want to make a thread so I could hopefully get pointers on the lighting or something I might have missed.

I also wanted to test the concept with the crowd here overall, even though FP doesn’t really care for comics anymore. If I ever did make a comic it would be much more visually complex than this, so there’s that, I guess.

The Terminator series has always had a pretty casual attitude about nude terminators, so I think this pic works pretty well, canon-wise.

That was the point. I’m not exactly into creating erotica, I just wanted to create an image with the Terminator character I’d envisioned basically straight out of the factory.