Sublime LuaDev

I’ve made a sublime plugin which allows you to pass lua code to luadev for execution.

Basically, it makes gmod run local tcp socket which listens for sublime text.

LuaSocket module is required:

LuaDev with socketdev:
SublimeText plugin:

You may want to add these to your keybindings:

	{ "keys": ["ctrl+1"], "command": "lua_send_self"},
	{ "keys": ["ctrl+2"], "command": "lua_send_sv"},
	{ "keys": ["ctrl+3"], "command": "lua_send_cl"},
	{ "keys": ["ctrl+4"], "command": "lua_send_sh"},

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Please note that for now whole file is being sent, not just selection.

I love you.

Now I have a reason not to use GCompute :v:

Are send ent and send wep implimented, I made keybinds but they’re grayed out in the menu.

Does Metastruct’s luadev work with this?

I honestly don’t know. I don’t recall Metastruct using this fork of mine.

Yes, I checked and it has the socket file. plugin by lixquid available now

LuaSocket module for Linux?


Reuploaded luasocket