Sublime Text 2

hello, I’ve been making GLua Syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 2, was wondering if this was something anyone else would be interested in having?
I could release my script I used to make it too, it’s just an altered version of FunctionDump.lua that Garrys ships to get wiki formats

but I’m not quite finished yet so if I released it, it would be tomorrow before I released it

I already made one. I’ll update it this weekend.

oh you did? I’ve never seen it around Facepunch
well that sucks, that means I put like 2 hours into it for no reason lol, I’ll go search for it now

Its on the first page of this section

Holy shit! Making the script to automate the syntax highlight generation took me all day!

I’m uploading it now.

To a git repo. Last time I uploaded normally, I got complaints.

Edit: YAY it’s all working:
Git repo:

Download to the latest sublime GLua highlight plugin:

awesome, I was manually updating mine before but I missed a ton of stuff.

have you fixed that elseif gets indented (or is that intended)

Never noticed that.

Fixed in latest. The download two posts above is (always) up to date.

it doens’t highlight some stuff. “not” for example.

-snip, missed the new download link-