Sublime Text Auto-Refresh

Was just wondering if there’s a way to get auto-refresh working with Sublime Text 3.

I know it uses atomic save, I’ve tried disabling it but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Are you using linux? Auto refresh doesn’t work on linux (at least for me)

I’m on Windows 8.1

Downgrade to Sublime 2 :v:

I wouldn’t mind knowing this myself as I’ve been contemplating the move to ST3 and it’s something that irks me greatly.

I guess if it works in ST2 there’s only really benefit in downgrading.

At the current time I have Npp open at the same time as Sublime for editing vgui files :L

There may be more than 1 option in sublime ( but I’m not sure what the options are; atomic saving is part of it though ). It IS related to their special saving technique though ( save to temp, then temp overwrites file instead of save direct to )…

You can write your own auto-refresh type system / autoloader.

Take a look at the 3 lua files in the gm directory: Bitbucket

Read the txt files in the documenation directory in terms of how the autoloader folder structure and file system works. You could make something like that, but you’d have to type a command to get it to reload. But, look around for heretic file saving feature…

If you’re on Sublime Text 3, you can just disable Atomic Saves by adding

"atomic_save": false

to your User Preferences file.

Open the command palette (ctrl + shift+ p on windows), then type “pref user”, then press enter.
The file is in JSON format, but sublime will warn about invalid JSON upon save (syntax highlighting will also warn you).

This used to work. The most recent update to ST has broken it fully for me.

I know this isn’t a solution for you guys that like Sublime, but here are some upgrades for Notepad++ if you want to use it until Sublime fixes the issue… Or you can use a console command:

Notepad++ Upgrades including GMod Lua Syntax Highlighting ( And installation guide ), Right-Click Context Menu Upgrades, Macros, Default Lua Lexer, and more!

Download it here:

Some of the highlights:

  • Searches for DarkRP Wiki, Garry’s Mod Wiki ( New and Old ), and Google just by highlighting the target text and clicking on one of the search choices in the Right-Click Context Menu.

  • Different methods for saving files ( Such as Converting All Instances of 4x Spaces to Tabs, Removing Trailing White-Space and Save in one button, OR Removing Trailing White-Space and Save in one button, Exporting the current file as HTML with Highlighting )

ST3 works fine with auto-refresh for me, I haven’t really edited any settings.

I - confusingly - fixed this by enabling “atomic_save” in my settings.

"atomic_save": true