Submarine life support addon

so a simple but complicated idea a new stool or sent to be used with life support that makes an air bubble under water not just breathable but a physical air pocket i can see the difficulty in the coding for this. but maybe its possible i don’t know how to lua code yet so it would be someone willing to act on my idea and if this has been requested before well then I’m just an unoriginal thinker i guess.

ok the lack of replies leads me too believe it cant be done is this true?

Nothing cannot be done, it just takes a certain amount of innovation to do!

The main problem we have now, is that water is a brush, and not an entity (or a collection of entities) so it is very difficult to omit from a certain area using the methods we have available to us at the moment.

couldnt you make something like the water stool where it turns what ever you click it on (model) into water, but do it in reverse whatever you click (model)turns it into a solid air object. just my input.

well maybe that would work if so then all we would need for ls config is to have the air pocketed prop switch between existing and not existing

Or if it is possible, if it read the texture that was being used if it could detect a water texture.

To do this you’d probably need a custom dll.