Submarine without water inside?

This reminds me of that mod that allowed you to create an area out of props, and the gravity would stay the same relative to the props. What it did was pretty hacky, so maybe this is possible as well with some Lua wizardry. I haven’t been a part of the Gmod scene for a long while so I don’t know the specifics, but this mod might set you on the right path. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name but it was really popular. Shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Could you disable water physics, shaders, and DSP within a certain proximity using Lua? That might be something to look at.

It was “gravity hull” something.

^ gravity hull designator

Yeah, that’s the one. It moved everything in the specified area to a place outside the map, lets the source engine do some things, then moves everything back every frame. Maybe you could do something similar for water.

Actually, maybe you could use GHD directly.

I’ve just tested it and it does exactly what I want it to. There is a problem, though: it doesn’t get duped. So if I build my submarine with that addon, after duping it, I’d have to use the addon again on every part of the floor every time.

Is there a way to fix that?

Not sure, afaik duplication is a pretty hacky thing and I think the duplicator tool would have to support the GHD.

Advanced Duplicator?

I think he’s using workshop dupes.

ah geez…

Is it possible to make a house out of props and do this at the same time from what I am reading? I’d be totally sick if I could re create Rapture or what not.

Sorry to burst your bubble man but unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible.

You could maybe simulate the effect of such by disabling the water shader overlay, but you’d still move around slowly like you’re underwater and unfrozen props would act accordingly.

If you wanted to to disable the water effect you’d have to figure out where and how to execute this code.

Maybe create a lua entity that, when stepped on the first time, executes this code
DrawMaterialOverlay( “materials/pp/morph/refract”, 0 ) – should appear to be nothing, that’s the point, will override current water overlay
and then when stepped on a second time executes this code).
DrawMaterialOverlay( “nil” ) – will stop overriding water overlay, you should see the water overlay again

I have no idea if this works or if I’m doing it right, just something to work off of.

it would probably be possible to create a lua script that would disable the water overlay and sound effects and force your movetype to walking instead of swimming. Of course this would only affect the player and everything else would behave as it should when underwater eg most guns not firing, props floating etc

You fucking what?

There’s a post right above your head saying you can make an “airtight” contraption. GHD or gravity hull designator does exactly what this guy wants, building all of Rapture or whatever. If I recall correctly, it also does dupe, at least with Adv. Duplicator or perhaps Adv. Duplicator 2. Been over a year since I’ve used that addon specifically since it conflicts with ACF, but it’s worth a shot.

Wait a minute…you’re saying that Localized Physics/Gravity Hull Designator tool disables the water overlay and sound??

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It also conflics with FPP, really bad. GHD and FPP get together and have MAD buttsecks and spray cum everywhere in the console like a firehose.

Lol kidding but it actually prevents all tools from working, every…singe…one.

GHD basically teleports you to another part of the map

So it teleports your physical player self to another part of the map while a simulated version of yourself(that you’re looking through and controlling)is used?

Pretty much. Every frame, it teleports you right before the Source engine starts to calculate physics, and teleports you back right after, which means you’re only outside the map for the physics engine, not for the renderer.

Couldn’t he us a stencil to get rid of the water that is inside the submarine?

The TARDIS entity also uses the same method, IIRC. Or at least a similar one.

Sweet, I knew about and used GHD but never actually knew how it worked and what else it could do.
OP use Gravity Hull Designator(this version cleans up lua errors) on the floor of your submarine and it will do exactly what you are trying to achieve.

However you couldn’t make your own rapture city, I’ve noticed you can only have 2 or 3 functioning hulls at a time.

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