Submarine wreck in the desert (scenebuilt)

gm_atomic and ingame.
Nothing special just wanted to make a pic. with this wreck.



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Nice nice.

Wow, that’s fucking beautiful :smiley:

How did you make the water?

reminds me of Uncharted for some reason


nice one


Good to see you haven’t quit.

Very nice build.

The only issue I can see is the dock should be alot higher if a submarine could pass through that water at some point. Unless they built it after the fact.

Can you show us the Build?

How’d you get the water?

There is a water material. It’s white so color stool needed to set it blue and transparent. and there is another material beneath it from oblivion.

I wanted to make an illusion as the water is drying up. First most area was under water. Than later a dock was built. at that time the wreck was almost out of the water. and now the water is almost completely gone.

Added at first post.

Thanks for comments!

Nothing like the sweet smell of awesomeness when you are about to go to bed.

This is one of the first ones I’ve seen without the clutter. Good job.

That’s some nice shit

Artistic, reminds me of Uncharted: Drakes fortune but however in alittle bit different theme. The scene build is awesome, can’t anticipate how many hours of work you put down on it! :slight_smile:

Really fucking epic, I like it.

Fucking bump, Shit.