"Submission. Living another day, for a better future in co-operation." Augast Elite Police Moving Through A Crowd


Looks coo’.


Oh yeah, these are definitely taggart’s version of the BLR dudes. Good choice, my friend.

Nice screenshot.

“Police brutality!”

Hot damn, looking good Fussy.

Very nice composition!

those models

fucking bitching, want them models.

Story snippet not interesting in the least. First impression is very strong, nice. Would have been badass as fuck if you’d zoomed in a good deal more. Of course you wouldn’t have been able to show as much, like the amazingly done guy looking over his shoulder in the front left, but it would make him seem oh-so-much more intimidating. Looks pretty great as is though. Good attention to detail except for that one citizen with retarded faceposing that I believe is supposed to by crying or something, blue shirt mid-right. Overall look is excellent.