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gm_black scene

effects are in-game

Great use of those synth models. This entire pic is just pleasing to the eye.

Don’tcha hate it when you’re on your way to work and interdimensional beings invade the planet?

Must’ve been a Monday.

thanks :slight_smile:

i demand to see the unedited version because wow

sure, here’s a version without any editing (except for sdof)


I like the unedited more.

Excellent work, the poses and effects are spot on :slight_smile:

It’s amazing. I don’t get where you get those in-game effects? And those buildings behind? What props are those? And the road? It’s like I’m missing so many props

Quality is a bit hit and miss here and there but apart from that it’s good.

the teleportation arc things are made out of some newspaper props with an energy beam material on them :v: there are also some volumetric light effects around the soldiers.

as for the buildings and shit, they’re from various source games: D.I.P.R.I.P., NeoTokyo, DoD:S.

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please do specify a bit

Very nice!

I do wish that the guy on the right would have some more AO against the ground, and the light rays shining off the scanner… things in the distance could use some work, but are still quite good!

The props you used make a very nice composition and bring the city to life. I wish I could see more of the actual city. Congrats.

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also, cheesus, wicked resourcefullness right there

The two I primarily noticed are the weird highlighting on the guy on the floor on the right and the guy on the phone. That and some shadows are missing here and there.

ah, i see. some of the props would either cast a partial shadow or none at all. luckily those glitches weren’t too apparent on the foreground objects.