Submit ideas for Detective upgrade

We are trying to balance our server to make up for the huge amount of custom traitor weapons available. Any one want to submit a good idea for items for us to make for the detective?

Use your imagination. Tazer, Defib, grapple gun possibly? Key thing is to make sure Detectives have the same amount of power as traitor do.

I always enjoy the superman flying swep.

Depends on which one your using. Some versions have a high tendency of death from landing >.<

HL2 Guided RPG. For “taking care” of traitors

and totally not for rdming.

Never do any bullshit traitor tester type weapon. Grappling hooks need to seriously be looked at correctly and nerfed so they’re aren’t unfair. Pretty sure I’ve spent entire rounds in the skybox on some server!

Quad Elites, quad M249s, ridiculously OP weapons.

150$/min. My price is High but the ideas is so unique. I can reveal my best idea to date : Dick Gun. Shoots dicks that fly up in a Traitors ass and kill Them (Unlimited ammo and Decetive spawn with Them)

One idea more : Make a global newton launcher. It pushs all traitors high in air and make them glow for everybody. PM me and i send you paypal mail u can send it to. I want my 340 dollars. Took over 2 min to develop this ideas

Tactical nuke, ulx menu full rights to find out who the traitors are, JB song gun for disabling everyones hearing for 30 seconds, porn spray gun for quick distractions or long rounds and finally the lube gun that makes the target slide around unstoppably.

That JB gun sounds like the dubstep gun from SR4. That would make a cool detective weapon. Make everyone around it do act dance.

We already have one with an ammo count and have some pretty strict rules against forcing someone to be tested on maps with testers.