Submit Your Clips

Hi, my name is FunWithSmexy

I make videos on youtube and i have a small fanbase of around 3,200.
My fans are very active and are willing to take my advice on new content they should new look at, recently on steam alot of my subscribers who have added me or in my steam group said they brought rust because of me and can i make more videos about it and can they join me etc.

Well FunWithSmexy, how is this going to help me what is the point of this thread?

well i love helped my fans and other people, i often advertise servers that i enjoy playing on them to help them get popular & help other YouTube get small fanbase of active subscribers as its hard starting on youtube. I help them do co-commentaries etc.
How can this help you? Submit your clips to be featured**

  • do you have a funny rust clip or epic fail’s?
  • do you have nice mini-montage or epic win rock vs gun etc?
  • are you wanted to get your youtube channel started?
  • are you wanting to start a rust series but don’t have a fan base yet?

I will feature any clips that i feel my fans/subscribers will enjoy and go and help you out.

how will this benefit you?

You have the opportunity to grain a small but wonderful active fanbase.
How this will work.**
-submit a clip
-I edit the video and get it ready for upload
-You channel link or name will be displayed at the start of the video & end of video and in the description.

submit your clips by putting your video on unlisted uploaded via yt and send me the link with desc title etc that you would like and credit to whom.
also put this text in the video or email. I give FunWithSmexy Rights to use my clip.

if you can not upload the video via yt which would be best option due i can link the video to yours
feel free to add my on skype :**funwithsmexy **
for more information or you want to talk about something eles feel free to contact me skype or email.

Skype: funwithsmexy or maybe mrlordsmexy
Hope you guys go great with your channels

Also willing to do let’s play with anyone who’s interested.

had this video lying around because i used it as proof to get me unbanned.
It was gonna be a 2v5 but i accidentally kill my friend so its me vs 5 people that keep spawning back and rushing me.

o nice ban.
its shame they banned you for the skills to had they must of felt stupid when they watched the video.
I’ve been banned from couple of servers for aimbot and esp because i use my headset to hear people moving.
for example admin was following me invisible and i said i know you are there bro.
he told me i had esp because you cant hear footsteps when they are invisible facepalm and got banned.
another time i caught the admin spawning in stuff and i killed him and hit the jack pot of 90+ walls and 90+ foundations 250+ pillars etc. i told him that wrecks the server and ppl tend to leave if they spawn in shit cause they abuse it a revenge when they die etc. he replied with i don’t know what your talking about. BAN

anyway you would like me to put video on my channel?
could you write in desc i give funwithsmexy the right to use my video.
that way i can use it without getting into any legal issues with you and my network.