Subnautica or Evolve Models?

So I’m going to try and get into SFM again, and I was wondering if anyone had ripped any creature or plant models from Evolve or Subnautica, other than the Stage 3(?) Wraith and Stage 1 Goliath? (Those two are already on SFMLab)

I’m just curious. I would try to rip and port them myself but I don’t have the hardware to do it. (And if I did I definitely would have tried my hand at doing it myself :v: )

I’ve been working on getting Evolve assets out as a resource for others, I’ve been really bogged down with school work. If you keep up with the Evolve thread I’ll post what I upload there.

Ok! I already happen to be following that thread so I’ll be watching it closely for any goodies lol

Bumping this thread, for what about Subnautica?

I’ve not seen anything for Subnautica, sorry

Speaking of Subnautica, I tried to take a crack at it using the Unity Asset Bundle Extractor (, version 1.8b 64 bit. Problem is, the only way to extract the models are as an obj file (which doesn’t preserve the bones), and when I try to export any texture as tga or png, the program crashes. Subnautica uses Unity 5.

EDIT: I tried again with 2.0, and I managed to extract the textures and models, but the models don’t have bones still, and I’m not in the mood really to rig entire models (god knows how tedious that stuff is, my life is short enough as is).

Is anyone else even remotely interested in porting Subnautica models?

Could you drop the Seamoth models/ textures here?
Also: Bump

Would love to see some stuff from Subnautica in Gmod, the base parts would be awesome, plus the submarines etc

Bumping. I extracted the .obj exports of both the Ampeel and Stalker, along with their textures. If anyone wants to try porting them to Source, here they are (hopefully):



EDIT: Use Asset Bundle Extractor 2.0 or greater for Unity 5

Could you get the SeaMoth please? That would be fucking awesome.