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Ive been playing Rust for a while now and ive decided I wanna do a long/detailed Rust playthrough. Subscribe for a Rust playthrough, gaming comedy and for game/code GIVEAWAYS!

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Get out, advertise elsewhere.
We are not giving you money for Monetizing videos.

You have not even contributed to the forums.

Giveaways are probably a scam, and you have not uploaded a single Rust video.

Im not taking your money! At all! Im trying to gain viewers…

I know, I would never pay you a penny.
I’m also not going to watch the ads to fund your shit.

Want views?
Put honest tags, and catchy titles.
I used to have a YT channel, my average view per video was 500. BUT if you get the right tags, or do something interesting you can get 1000’s+.

advertise your videos when you actually have some videos to advertise, guy

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if you’re trying to gain viewers before you have videos out it’s obviously because you don’t enjoy playing videogames and uploading your gameplay to youtube, and instead want all of that delicious ad revenue $$$