Subscribed to items do not appear in game.

I have around 15 subscriptions and in game it shows that I have nothing found in the subscribed add-ons area.

Wait, which area? In the Q menu?

In the main menu if I click on addons and it shows subscribed there is nothing there. But yes in game as well, any tools or items are not in game. Maps that I subscribed to are not in the maps.

Steam bug, contact Steam support.

I’m not sure. Did your game attempt to download anything?

And have you tried re-subscribing?

And check to see if you have the .gma’s in the Garry’s Mod Addons Folder.

I have this a lot but that’s because I have tons of addons.
Even when it happens I still have a few addons appearing.

Unsubscribe to ALL of your addons and re-subscribe one at a time to figure out which ones break it, then continue to make sure the rest work.

If that doesn’t work re-install Gmod.

If that doesn’t work either, contact Steam Support, or Gary. Or Facepunch. Or anybody who may be able to fix it.

My game made no attempt to download anything, I have unsubscribed from all of them and re subscribed and it did nothing.

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It randomly fixed itself, was in the middle of a game and it just started downloading everything.