Subterranean Creatures

I enjoy the night-time atmosphere of Rust but find the threat level to be a bit lacking. I think it would be really cool to have a subterranean creature emerge at night. These creatures could be earlier survivors of the apocalypse that found protection from the radiation below ground. I’m thinking of Morlock style creatures (Time Machine H._G._Wells) with eyes that shine with a devastating aggressive nature. The creatures of course would be afraid of the light. Campfires and torches would keep them back. Think about how frightening it would be to be near a campfire while being surrounded by these creatures who wait for your wood supply to go out. They should be fast and difficult to take down. Players would need to find shelter or work together to survive. They would retreat back underground during the daytime. Their entrances could be spawned throughout the map. Destroying an entrance would limit the spawn rate in that particular location.

From the title my 1st thought was that this would be a complaint thread about the subterrean bears and wolves.

The idea is interesting and could sort of fit in with the horrifing mutant chickens

Those chickens freak me out :slight_smile:

That gives me an idea.

Imagine worm like creatures, giant ones like in the tremors movies. They would spawn in certain areas only, maybe areas with higher resource spawns. They move around underground and you can only see a ripple where they are, seeing them at night is impossible without a torch or something. If you are near one, it starts following you and you have to run. If you don’t get to a rock or something soon it jumps up eats you alive. Shit would bet intense.

yeh would be nice if you could kill them for rare loot only at nighttime tho