Subway Murder Map

Hi, everybody,
I really want to make a subway map for the murder game mode, the map is still in development. I want to say a huge thank you @EagleOneDevTeam for his lessons!
Here are some delicious screenshots for you:

Feedback is welcome!


Great start to your mapping! Glad to see you take advantage of the tutorials - will keep an eye on this one :smiley:


Super sexy, good job! :smiley:

Cool stuff so far, I think the lighting is very pretty for those tunnels.

What are some important aspects of a Murder map that you have been focusing on including in your subway?

More places to hide and interact with the environment.

Thank you!

Nice, that’s some good layout work, you’ve done on you’re map. I’m currently creating some subway station textures if you wanna use em, I’ve only made 2 textures so far, but will upload some more soon in the coming days, here’s a link to the topic: Created some Subway Station Tiles Materials for Source 2 - #3 by AestheticallyTired

Thanks, good to know!

The level design idea is incredible! Do you plan to make some more open area above these tunnels?

This maps looks amazing!

Maybe later, good idea I think.

Appreciate that :slightly_smiling_face: