Subway Surfers Models! PLEASE HELP

I extracted from subway surfers (android) and got a lot of models. I need help rigging one and applying textures. Downloads for Extracted Models: Download for model i need help rigging:

Hi there Julian, may be i can help, add me in skype: or whats app 5511991801301

You could easily try helping them in the thread instead of telling people to add you on Skype.

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its missing the main character and some others ktx files

How did you get the textures on the models (I’m new to this)

Isn’t Subway Surfers based on Unity?

The models are already rigged if that is.

Please send me your e-mail. i ll explain

Or you could just explain it here, considering that there’s probably other people looking into doing this as well. Might as well make it public knowledge instead of having people hunt you down for the information.

Sorry had to do something email :

Whenever I try to rig them most of them get messed up. Try yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

could you send me the models please my email is,i want to convert to papercrafts

I wont send you the models cause i dont have em but 4 are on here: And use disunity to extract files