Subway Surfers

Hi, this is my first release to this site.
I’m releasing the Subway Surfers models. All exported with Ninja Ripper.

And the download link is here :

Lol someone make Supway surfers gamemode for gmod.
It’s pretty awesome thoug, good job.

Thanks, I didn’t knew that.

you need to fix your smooths though.

Can you port The Inspector and his dog?

Here for you :

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I Don’t know how to do that. :confused:

How do you download this? Do you put this in the addons folder or the models folder?

These are raw models, meaning they haven’t been prepared and ported for use in the Source Engine yet and are only useable in 3D modeling software. OP is posting them here so that they can be ported.

well fuck, i cant read.
gimme all the dumb ratings