Such A Common Request

To start out, I’m sorry to drag out such a common request. Simply put, I need help with my gmod server. I am currently using Xenon Servers as my host. 24 slot Darkrp. So here is the skinny, I would like to ask for someone to help shape up the server. I do not know a thing about coding. Hell, I can barely play gmod. I work a lot during the week, and play hockey just about everyday as well. Thus I’m very busy, however my computer is my sanctuary. I lost my social life since I got my new job, lol. But I love playing with my buddies, and we recently got back into gmod, and darkrp. We want a server, a specific liking. I have wrote up a document with the specifics, pretty detailed for the most part. However, there are things missing, that I will probably ask for once the document as been fulfilled. The kicker is I need someone I can rely on, and not take a week to jump onto an issue with the server we may have, or something we would like fixed.

I had 2 people help me already, one guy tried to make it his own way and not the way I asked. And the other guy did the exact same, in fact used a different rp mod that he felt was better. For no reason at all either, plus I don’t think he knew what he was doing in the first place. So maybe you want Crysis Two when it comes out, or Portal 2, whatever it may be. I’m willing to exchange a Steam game or few(depending on cost) for services.

I feel the request I have aren’t so hard to attend to, but that is my opinion. Please let me know if you are interested. My Steam name is xSeany13

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

and what exactly is your request?

I only see some information about your real life here.

you should post what exactly you need.

He wants a reliable scripter to work with him on his server stuff, and who will be there when they need him/her.
I believe.

That would be correct. But here is a more detailed list if you’re curious.

I could probably do some of that for you.

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For free.

I can help too, some of this stuff is simple to do.
For your drug idea, you can just download this drug addon, and make a drugdealer job which can sell them.
Click me to get the keypad cracker you need for your thief job.
Medics in DarkRP already spawn with medic kits (which you want Doctors to spawn with). All you need to do is simply change the name of the Medic job.
I can help you with almost all of those things, just PM me or add me on Steam.