Such a shame

I saw this game thru frankie on you tube a was instantly sold…
all the best parts of other zombie games and the all the missing elements put in, awesome i thought.

the dutch auction was your down fall, while waiting for it to drop around $30 gave me time.
time to find out that rust is riddled with hackers and nothing even remotely suggesting that the dev’s are concerned about it.

fairness would dictate the dev’s receiving money for the game should declare “our game has hackers, many hackers” before you hand over the money.

A shame such a great concept and production is being let down by something so childish and so prolific as hacks.

I will look back in again in a few months, i hope all you who have been fucked around have had some small victories for the good money you paid.

Hacker = no skill


I’ve been playing for a little over a month now and I haven’t met a single hacker, what server were you playing on?

The reason it’s a dutch auction is so you think twice before paying for something which is still in alpha!

I’ve played the game for a bit now and haven’t seen any hackers. This a games is also in alpha, but I’m thinking when it is on steam which the devs say will be soon that they will add some kind of hack protection.

“It’s not going to be ‘very soon’” -garry