Such is Life in the Zone

College may have slowed me down, but I ain’t done makin’ Gmod pics.

After extensive playing of Call of Pripyat, I decided to make a few S.T.A.L.K.E.R. pics (despite the recent influx of them). I tried capturing the look and feel of the intro video for the first S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game.

Also, **GOD DAMN YOU JPG QUALITY 90! **:argh:

I always forget to reset it when I start up Gmod.

Please compare to the original!

Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!

looks awesome man!

Most excellent. :slight_smile:


Where can I get my hands on that grass?

Wonderfull Vman. This Def gave me the intro feeling. I’m to stunned to look for flaws now, not that I ever find any in your pics. :v:

It’s a combo from Ddock’s MW2 pack, and the MoH pack.

Fucking Beautiful.
Ive been playing lots of Call of pripyat too.
Badass game.

Very, very nice Vman

What is this map?

This is really well done. Sweet lighting and great attention to detail.

Probably gm_flatgrass or something similiar.

Very nice :slight_smile:
Love your attention to foreground, mid, and background. Not a lot of people cares enough about it.
And wonderful placing of the major objects. Looks “real”.
And the colors and hue - fit’s exactly what the zone looks like in Stalker.
If I had to criticize anything, I’d say the bloom was a bit too much on some areas, such as the car to the right - and being clothes, the man’s outfit seems a bit too bloomy too, considered the sun isn’t shining directly on it, as it’s an over clouded day.
All in all though; thumbs up. Perfectly captures the feel of the zone.
I just started playing shadow of chernobyl a few days ago (for the first time). loving it so far :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot. As for the bloom, it isn’t so much that it’s overcast, as it’s incredibly overexposed, like in the intro:


But I agree, I may have pushed it a little too much in a few areas.

Impressive perspective-work.

Not as interesting as most of you pictures, but it looks lovely nonetheless.

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Also I love the bloom.

Not a fan of the bloom, but nice shading and good scenebuilding. Could have cropped out some of the sky though.

Meh it works. It gives an impression of the huge scale of the place, as well as its bleak emptiness.


Oh wow, it looks really really nice. Nice sense of scale.

Amazing work as usual Vman.