"Sucking in on the English Language"

Get it? Because Wheatley’s a stereotypical Brit.

I’m getting mixed messages here

I understand.

dear buttherdlerhurhurh

stop spweing out thshe shitty 5 minote pictars.

-yurs sinserely the screnshott secktion.


dear zerahdfsxizy stop being a ass because shes posting stuff you don’t like



Seriously if you like this you are retarded.

I’m sorry, exactly what is wrong with my Portal poses?

My main problem is that you’re clogging the forums with 5 minute shite. In the past 3 days you’ve made 11 threads. Take your time at least.

Indeed, my child.

Hi I am the combine, quit having fun guys, if it isn’t my shite L4D poses then your screenshots are shit.


And exactly how are they that bad to be considered “5 minute shit”?
Just because I don’t overlay my pic with random dusk overlays and film grain?

Yes, exactly. Needs way more filters and color overlays.

also needs more L4D - The Combine

And most of my other Portal poses are fine enough as it is, though nobody says a thing in the first place.


My next pose shall be Zoey standing next to a light from out of nowhere that has an insane glow with heavy contrast and nothing else in the pic but her.

Shut up.
Atleast I aint spamming 5 minute shit.

Right. Sure you aren’t.

Exactly - Combine takes his time, and you uh… Do not. Now, we do not need to get into a big fight here or anything, I’d like to avoid that but you could take more time on your pictures, could you not?

I asked what is it about my pics that you’re assuming did not get produced with any form of effort, you ignored.
And most of my other Portal poses could have used criticism, I received none.