Sudden Ban after 01/24 Update

So, I own a server at FPSPlayers, and yesterday this guy came into my server’s Facebook Page, complaining he’s got banned for no reason after he updated the game.
I don’t know if he legitimately got banned from another admin and he’s just trying to tricky me to unban him, but if it’s true, I have a big issue right here.
The thing is: I can’t unban him. The only “unban” command available is the “unban.all”, and by using this I’m letting every single hacker that played on my server to get back
and pissing people off. I tried to see the “bans.cfg” file on my server but the file is empty, so I see no other option than leave him banned until the devs put a “unban “Player Name””
on the command list.
Any Ideas??

Thank you.

removeid streamid64

Quick as a thunder.
Thanks a lot =)
(they still need to add a “unban “player”” command tho)

Use the rcon tool.