Sudden FPS Drop..

It’s a game error I think, I get this in any quality from “Fantastic” to “Fastest”… I have high fps and all of sudden for 0.5 seconds(half a second) my screen freezes for no reason… annoying as hell…

Any idea how to fix?

help please…

seriously… no1 fixs this?

It doesn’t occur on my machine, so why is it a Rust problem?

It could be a connection problem to the server at your computer, with your router, with your modem, somewhere within your ISP. It could be a problem with the read/write speed on the HDD you installed it on. Maybe you installed Rust onto a slave drive that has read/write issues. Maybe your computer has settings to power down the slave drive it’s installed onto. Maybe the drive needs to spin up.

Maybe your AGP or PCI bus has problems and the data transfer between video card and RAM or HDD through the bus is being disturbed. Maybe your video card doesn’t have enough memory so it has to use RAM or the page file to hold all the textures which can cause delays calling all of the textures from memory to be processed.

There are countless reasons why Rust might freeze up every few seconds. You’ve done a shit job of giving us details on when and how it happens. How the fuck do you expect anyone to fix it when all you’ve basically done is “DURR DERE IS PROLEM, SOME1 FIX PL0X”?

There is a big difference between lag and fps drops with that being said, its impossible for internet connection to cause fps drops.
My HDD is less than 1 year old 1TB of memory and 7200RPM.

Regarding video cards I’m not sure since I’m not that into video card stuff, however its a radeon hd 7770 and I have 8gb ram. I can run Warz on High with 30+ fps , can run Battlefield 4 on medium and can run guild wars 2 in World versus World on Medium with constant 30+ fps.

However I can’t get 30+ fps CONSTANTLY in Rust even on “fastest” which is supposed to be the lowest graphics?

It sure as hell is a problem with rust.

There is no explanation to this issue, it doesn’t happen in other games even those with much better textures and graphics , it only happens in rust every 20-60 seconds. And happens a lot more frequently when near rad town.

same with me the game is working smooth, with my PC i should run it on highest.
Still annoying fps drops, which are a huge disadvantage in PVP fights.
I am 100% sure it isn’t my PC’s fault.

I’ve got the same thing happening, but I believe its due to heat issues that I’ve been having. I got a fan and put it behind my laptop. I have an Asus g74. the air is routed out the back… The fan blowing on that area actually seems to help a lot, but I still get frame rate lag quite often.

On the games Trello, it says they’re working on many FPS related issues, so we will see.

I’m also in the process of building a 1600 dollar computer that should be capable of running rust at constant 60 fps, so if I still have this issue, I’ll let you guys know.

this is a known problem, happens when you enter an area with too many player constructions