Sudden lag in rust?

I used to play rust on fantastic with 60 fps locked. I came on last night and I now struggle to play on even lowest! I can run Battlefield 4 and every other game I own on ultra, so it is not my PC as far as I am aware. I do not want to lower the quality even more as I know it is possible for me to play on fantastic, I played on it 3 days ago. I have reinstalled the game and verified it through steam… I just want to know if there is a fix or if anyone else has had this problem, I cant find a similar topic anywhere on the internet.

My specs are:
intel i5 4570k 3.2GHz
8Gb Kingston beast
Gigabyte 7970 windforce 3Gb DDR5

I am baffled as to why this issue is happened as I can kill most games? Please help as I am getting rather frustrated.

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My brother and friend are playing this game next to me and they have far lower specs. They can run it on beautiful and good very well so I still don’t see what the damn problem is! It is so annoying!

Same problem since the update, was running it fine, now im down to about 5/10 fps.

Still same as G.mod, Fix it, Fuck it up worse, Fix it a bit, Fuck it up worse! Think its the Facepunch way!

I really hope it isn’t because I really want to keep playing this game :L Hope it gets fixed soon :frowning: Until then I will need to play in a tiny window :L

It’s like you’ve never used alpha software before.

something in your system settings must’ve changed, i dont think its related to the game itself

Well every other game is fine? If you mean Rust’s settings, is there anyway to change them back as I have reinstalled the game? Thank you

Almost every player on my servers including myself have been getting large lag spikes recently. Some thought it may be related to Steam as they have been undergoing maintenance. It could also be totally unrelated but you’re definitely not alone here.

It is framerate lagg not latency

I have reseated every component in my computer, even as far as reinstalling my cpu. I really dont know what to do… Is there any way of ensuring all of my components are functioning correctly?
Thank you

Rust is probably using your on board gpu instead of your actual one. Try playing around with the properties of the executable launcher or something.

its alpha bro, game will be optimized in time.

the sun will come out, tomorrow.

I am trying this I will post results :slight_smile:

Delete the game entirely (uninstall through steam, then be sure to clear out your SteamApps/common/rust folder completely), then reinstall clean.

You could instead go through and manually delete any rust configs there are, but I can’t bring their exact locations to mind (I’m on mobile not near PC), and I’m also not sure what files Rust will re-generate for you.

Once you’ve done that though, you can take a steam backup of the cleanly-installed (hopefully now working) game, so if you need to reinstall down the track you don’t have to download an extra 1GB.

in case nothing works, try a clean re-install of drivers / update them. Nvidia has this at least, should be a checkbox when installing a driver

Guys I fixed it! It was some other games that ran low also so I checked my antivirus and I had a hardware error. This fixed it I believe as I can now enjoy rust again :smiley: Thanks for the help guys and sorry for wasting your time… :slight_smile: