Sudden mass of people crashing servers?

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I’d rarely see someone even try to crash my server, and even if they did, it was just trying to spam or whatever. Now, just about every day, some eastern European person will come on, get pissed off at something tiny and before you know it, it’s “bb server” or “ip crash” and they crash the server instantly.
Seriously, what’s with this sudden flood of people who can instacrash a server? And why is it almost always Russians or eastern Europeans? Is some popular website suddenly posting lots of exploits?

There are several ways to instacrash a server, and it’s not by propspamming. I’m not gonna say exactly how we do it, that would resultin server-armageddon. I’m going to list the common semi-effective ones: Just disable motor, ban the hl2 jeep, turn off ragdolls. Should keep you safe from the skiddies.

From what I’ve seen a way to do it is something to do with a batch file that makes “unconnected” to connect to any source server. A way I heard to fix it was stop anyone with that name (so only people can connect) from connecting and instantly drop them like they are banned.

It doesen’t have to use the name unconnected, easily bypassed.

Why don’t you explain any way to help prevent this from happening? It’s only hurting the Garry’s Mod community

Because, i don’t like revealing the whole story, just how to stop it.
And i think this would work, but i’m just philosophing:
[lua]hook.Add(“Tick”, “SteamIDValidate”, function()
for k, v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
if !v:SteamID() or v:SteamID() == “STEAM_0:0:000” then
v:Kick(“Invalid SteamID or BOT”)
Would appreciate if someone could tell me if it works.

Because in all servers has one european asshole that screams

“LE PETTY MCMOLDYCHEESE HAWHAW” and crashes the server

Oh ya? So now there is discrimination in here?! Our glorious motherland will destroy your server.

But seriously, its not very hard to block the skiddies, whom are the majority of all idiots. There are a lot of admin mods out there that block the most common ways, such as prop-in-a-prop, spamming masses, ragdoll galore and so on.

I originally thought you knew what you were doing. Now I know you don’t. Players aren’t accessible to Lua until they’ve properly connected.

Use the other hook, the playerconnect or something

Why don’t you go back and play with your FapHack and let me handle my misstake.

Personally, I’d be more worried about the people using E2 to fuck with Flatgrass. Yesterday, this guy was exploiting E2 to turn our screens red and make the sky one of those trippy textures that repeat stuff.

Map colour changing got patched awhile ago and the sky becoming trippy was likely because someone set it to be invisible which should actually be patched.

Well, apparently it isn’t. Maybe a new way was discovered?

Why play with FapHack when I can play with something more fun?

The War of the Servers is upon us.

Box storm incoming.

Gmod crashes at the drop of a hat if you know what you are doing. Disable motor and get a good prop protection and blacklist then you should crash alot less.

It’s not hard to check the bug tracker and use the exploits reported to Garry to crash servers, not that he gives a fuck because half of them have been posted for months.

Most of them are vphysics problems. Go bug Valve too for almost doubled chance of shit getting fixed.

I suppose i can remind Mr that this thread is about help against server crashers not a contest of how to crash.