Sudden Odd Texture Problems in TTT Server for All Users

About two days ago, we started to notice some incredibly odd texture problems going on in our TTT server. Firstly, we noticed that the models for guns seemed to be funny – such as the knife constantly being sideways.

Slowly, several people started to mention how the player’s hands were completely invisible when holding out a gun or weapon (such as the knife above) that should have normally shown a hand model. On top of that, we began to notice that the colors of the default player model that changed (as per the new TTT update that was released half a month ago) also seemed to change the custom-installed models or models they shouldn’t.

These changes all started to happen suddenly, as well as our models from _Undefined’s Pointshop unequipping at the start of a round (not during the preparing phase – during preparing, they are there, but when the actual round starts they appear to unequip, even though it says you have to holster and equip them again for them to be seen.)

All of these changes happened suddenly without any explanation, and we did not make any changes when this happened. We don’t know what could have caused all of this and we have been pulling our hair out trying to find out what is wrong, going so far as to even do a completely fresh install of our server.

We were wondering if anyone else has been having this problem or if anyone has a solution. We are at a loss at this point, considering it seems to be causing these problems even with a completely fresh install of the server.

(And in case the info is needed, we are hosting our server through Xenon Servers.)

Yep, this has been happening to me too. I reinstalled TTT (copying over my entities/VGUI folders to keep scoreboard and SWEPs) and now everything is working fine.

So I’ve fixed the color issue, I had to add

ttt_playercolor_mode 0

to the server config files.

read about it here.

as for the point shop you have to edit the file player_ext.lua in gamemodes/terrortown/gamemode/

and remove line 271.

that information was kindly given by user Eccid on this post.