Sudden pink and black checkers?

So just now I got them all over almost every deathrun map. I played these maps yesterday just fine with all the textures but now they’re all just pink and black. I didn’t even restart my computer… Anyone know what could be the problem? I have HL2 and CS:S.

You should try validating the files on HL2, CSS, and gmod.

If you have to you should delete the folders with materials first.

And next time go to the HELP & SUPPORT SECTION to get help.

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If it’s completely pink and black and you cannot make out any textureunder it, then you may have to validate your game files.
If it’s just a light pink/black overlay on normally shiny textures, then it’s probably just a card overheat type thing. Turn your settings down some.

Try typing in “buildcubemaps” in the developer console and press Enter, may fix it. It happens sometimes in maps that don’t have ANY env_cubemaps in it when you rebuild spawnicons

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In the event garrysmod decides to randomly demount games… Check that all the games you need (such as css) have content mounted.

To check: Extensions (on your gmod start menu)/ GameContent Tab