Sudden TTT Problems?

So after the update, Ive been having the same old crash issues and stuff on my TTT server. found a fix just today ^-^ But anyway, a few days ago, my server encountered a problem where if you get killed in ttt, you get sent straight to spectate mode and your body id’s instantly. Also the timer isn’t counting down the round number count isnt changing. It picks the detectives and traitors just fine and the rounds go by and work fine. It’s just these two little issues are bugging the hell out of everyyone. I had no addons at all before I found the fix to my server. Does anyone have an idea?

Thats all because NVWar fix. It also breaks some addons like wyozitags or sprinting. I removed that temporary fix and it worked fine. So its your choice: less crashes or more bugs on your server

What’s this about a NVWar fix? Two servers I know are broken with similar problems to the OP so if you can inform me what this is about I would be very thankful.

It isnt the fix because it was happening even before we put the fix on. Any other guesses why?

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When im home, ill post a link to the fix.

Any updates on how to fix these problems?

Same problem, I just had to update the server

Is it fixed now? (after the update)

After updating the day 25/03 had the same problems as you, but then actualize the server and everything works perfectly

I just updated my server, fixed it.