Suddenly I fly into the sky

Hello sirs and madams of rust community.

Today when I got stuck and costantly tried to jump myself out from my own trap near the house I suddenly flew upwards for about 10 meters and then back to the ground where I died.
And here comes the question, is it possible that VAC can consider this bug as a hack and ban me ?


Doubt it.

Happened to me more than once… I’m still ok

I am pretty sure VAC looks at your game files for anomalies in the code, not what happens to you in game. So what I’m saying is if its a game bug then you won’t get banned for it.

VAC looks for injected code like

Code: Player appears like an ordinary human
Injected Code (cheat): Put this green neon glow in the dark texture on that human also!

What VAC does is detect the modified code so it knows & understands the game mechanics and sees the Injected Code & content which shouldn’t be there.

So you won’t be banned for:
Code: Collision with object pushes player upwards at 500 speed.
Because the way VAC sees it, that is the regular behavior of the game even if it is a glitch or bug in the game.