Suddenly lost the ability to host a working listen server?

I’ve been hosting listen servers, both build and spacebuild, pretty much every day for a few weeks now.

However, I seem to have lost the ability to do so. The only recent change I’ve made to my PC is uninstalling Avast! and putting MSE on. I did that yesterday, and my server was working fine so I think I can rule that out.

The only thing different I’ve noticed is now, when I click Create Multiplayer, and choose a map/gamemode ETC, the loading screen says “Starting Local Game Server” instead of whatever it used to say.

Have you tried

  • Forwarding your ports
  • Closing your firewall down
  • Restarting your internet?


  • Ports were already forwarded; as I said, I’ve been hosting for weeks before that
  • Yep
  • Yep

No worries though, I changed my security software and that did the trick. Not sure why it started blocking it, but I don’t care. Works now!