Suddenly Unable To Host.

It has been a little while since I played gmod (a month or so), and now my friends can’t join my game. I am completely DMZ’d, no ports are forwarded to block my DMZ status, even my friend is DMZ now on his router (because we couldn’t get it to work). I though the problem was Hamachi. So I moved it to the bottom of my network priority list. My friends are still unable to connect to me. I used to host all the time with no issues.

Didn’t you IP change?
Go to Start > Run > Cmd > Ipconfig /all
Look at the one that your internet connection says
Probs: 192.168..**
And check if the ports are forwarded to that.

It’s the same as the DMZ, it’s always been that one.


Apparently all I had to do is restart the router, yeah that makes sense… Thanks anyways man.