Suddently I can't connect to my own server help plz

Hi guys

I can’t my join own decidated my Server Console from the server even does not print that I am trying to join. Also its a rootserver. So I do not need open ports. Also there was other players on the server. I can’t explain me why I can’t join but othern can do it? But I can join other server…

CraZy!! Help!

Commencing connection retry to
Connecting to
Connection failed after 4 retries.

Try reinstalling your Dedicated, cause i have never seen this before o.O

Isn’t it in blacklists of firewall?
Does firewall blocking it’s IP (As i can understand, it’s not made-by-yourself server, right? It’s being hosted?).
Ask master system administrator for providin your IP to server’s (machinen!) IP whitelist.

If does not helping — reinstall windows D: (of cource, if you have it installed)