Suffering from memory leak.

i have no comment for this

@garry please fix this i cant play more than 3 hours then i have to restart my pc :frowning:

Same shit here :hairpull:

yet no fix unbelieveable.

I’d say it’s pretty believable for an Early Access in constant development product. If you’re not happy with the state of the product currently then don’t use it.

lol ive been playing it since 2013 “legacy” never had problems on it

untill this problem my pc is literally dying from this dont tell me its an early access i already know this bs but problems like this eventually will make my pc dead

It’ll bog down your PC not kill it. Only way it’ll kill it is if you don’t look after your PC. You’ll get some high temps from your RAM, but nothing to be alarmed about or anything that’ll force any half decent mobo to shut you down.

If you have to shut down your pc, you’re taking a sledgehammer to a thumbtack. All you have to do is close down Rust. It’s annoying, but that’s alpha for you. The devs are probably already trying to find the cause, so no need to get demanding.

Leaking memory problems are really nothing to joke about or to post in a video game forum.

If it gets more severe you should really go see a doctor.