SUG: Home Decor

I know most people are building military style bases, but it is also fun to build homes. I suggest to add some decor items such as tables, chairs, stoves, cabinets, fireplaces, wall shelves, wall candles, candle chandeliers, couches, rugs, etc.

Wouldn’t it be fun to make your house look more like a home?

They will eventually i guess, otherwise homes will continue to look like tombs, boring ones.

Are we playing a survival game here or prepping for Martha Stewart

I’d like it a lot … after you made sure you survive for sure, why not make yourself at home on this god damn Island … Robinson cruso did the same didnt he ? ^^

survive and thrive i believe is the saying, once you have enough to survive its time to start thriving and what better way than to show your thriving by filling your house with tat.

Animal heads as trophies… or perhaps newman heads would be more fitting?

check “Rust Trello” on google, thank me later.

Ohh man this is so fucking awesome!

You can build a home, or you can build a secure base. And unfortunately, secure bases will always look like a maximum security prison, no matter how many things you hang on your walls.

do you guys know Firenze? that old city in italy were renaissance was born?
well, in that town, nobody would have EVER build a window at ground floor until 1550 a.d.
why? because people were getting inside and slaughtering everyone, all the times.

after 1550 the crime scene was a bit calmer, so they started having “armoured” windows at ground floor (only for rich families with guards.)

in rust is the same, it’s all about your neighbours.

since there’s no law if you don’t bring it, the medieval lifestyle is the best option to survive, but please, maximum secuirity prison, ain’t that effective:

here’s my house:

I may be blind but didn’t see any decor. Do you have to sign in?

Castles ftw, here’s mine :smiley:

Took me 4 weeks to build on an active server (30-50 players during time I’m on). Wood and stone on the outside but most of the towers had internal armor structure and foundations. Had a few people breach the outer walls but they gave up when they found the armor.

Gone now because of the server wiped last week in anticipation of the update, but might rebuild it once we’ve got the new landscape going.

I’m guessing most people here will know it as “Florence”… :wink: