Sugar Bombs

I just came up with this idea when I was looking at the first fallout trailer/red Dtmech’s comic!
I also skinned the sugar bombs box myself! I might upload it sometime if anyone is intrested.

A happy solution to mundane meals in the Wasteland. Either that or trek all the way to the Fat Brahmin in New Reno.

It’s ‘Sugar’

Ummm… Yes I know! Why? :smug:

xD i love it!!!

I must be blind because I don’t see a joke.

Sugar Bombs are a cereal in Fallout 3.

No shit, that doesn’t make this comic funny.

love the “out of ammo”

I AGREE WITH THIS MAN!!! I don’t think it’s haha-funny either, but I made it because I could not put everything into a screenshot!
And because I wanted to show-off my new Sugar Bombs.


Facepunchers? Bumping MY thread?
I almost forgot I made this at all.

you have a bad memory it was just a week ago