** sugestion ** body transformation, skillsystem and random genders, ext. painting

Wouldnt it be really funny if you not just get that **random **skin color… more :wink:
**Gender **should be random as well, and not just that, size and figure. from sexy to not so sexy, random penis size :wink:

you should start out naked, skinny and weak.

after a bit of running, taking food and water you should get stronger, more confident, body should slowly transform with muscles or get a beer belly for food to much and walk to less :wink:

skillsystem - with that you can level up and invest points in things like

  • **strenght **(can use an axe longer on trees, get more wood or stone per hit, melee damage)
  • **agility **(jump height)
  • **speed **(to learn run faster than a wolf)
  • **crafting **(to craft faster)

Painting Signs is cool, how about painting our Guns, Cloths, Armor? This would be the Deal!

Tougher Health System

  • getting shot into an arm should decrease the agility and aiming stability
  • getting shot into the legs, should decrease the speed by a certain amount of points

More medicine Stuff.

  • different medicine stuff for different problems.
    -> spline for broken legs, arms
    -> painkillers for gunshot wounds

after taking meds, you slowly increase your speed, strength and agility again.
but it keeps down if you dont take medicine. this does an immerse boost.

Big wish

  • planting trees, with this we are able to create a nice hideout
  • falling trees while using a hatchet
  • how about a saw? or something like a quarry to get wood.

Building System

  • would be nice to connect 2 foundations or other things together.
  • or maybe add a rasterize function, that different buildings can be merged together later (key toggle to set a fixed raster based on the last placed foundation before hitting the toggle key)
    this way, you could cross a tale and start the bridge from the other side and connect the last piece to the other building
  • let us place walls/pillars to foundation steps, they are useless now :wink:
  • let us add pillars below ceilings to create bridges with stability (first the bridge, then the pillars down to the ground)
  • horizontal and vertical pillars :wink:

Just a few things… i have a shit ton of more ideas, if this is getting read by the team :wink:
i can even create a concept art and getting deeper :wink:

things to make the radtowns more hard… maybe with robots, turrets other traps.
crafting ropes with flax, which can be farmed and planted… for rope ladders and more. first step to fly baloons :wink:


Random gender will most likely be a reality here in a few weeks.

I wouldn’t mind body transformations if it’s possible to do. Might be a little difficult to do in the short term.

Skill system will never make it into rust, I think it can be a good feature but menus ruin immersion and that’s what Garry is going for.

The HP system + medical stuff sounds way too complicated to be any fun. This isnt arma.

Additional gathering tools will most likely be added, unless they just make a lumberyard to automatically do it.

I really agree with the building changes. Any additional flexibility with buildings (ground leveling, alternating foundation heights to conform to hills, etc) is a good thing IMHO.

The skills you use in Rust are your own. Mobility, observation, shooting, building, it’s all you learn by yourself. There is no need for RPG like system. Everyone’s abilities are equal, their own skill as a player should be the factor as to what they can do. I know a lot of people who can’t even jump on half block successfully.

As for medicine, I don’t think that’s needed. It’s already pain enough to manage your loadout. I don’t want to carry 10 different med items for all situations.

I’ve noticed a marked increase in people who want to turn rust into either a full blown shooter or an RPG, just let rust be rust already there are plenty of those other games to play we don’t need another.

Seriously this. If you want RPG survival, there is ARK, if you want a shooter, there’s DayZ or whatever cool kids play these days.