sugestion: footprints

hey i had an idea for rust how abut u can track players if u have the tracking skill at level 100 and u can see their footprints

wow rly cul traking skil at lvl 100 wow! amazon! wat hapens if i am lvl 99 treking skil?? i cant c futprent?s??? !!! qtf!!

Tracking should be a good idea, grass stepped (devs had to force grass), dirt or other elements changed… should be a landscape change and not an individual skill.

Garry liked the idea to implement some pathways… The grass will stepped until disappear creating pathways through the map

how bout ur jokes r funneh when yu have level 100 humour

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Will probably be too laggy to implement

So in experimental there are already footprints of a sort, it’ll be interesting to see if this can be implemented to some degree. Except the level thing, I’m not sure where that’s coming from.


There already are footprints in the experimental version, they just aren’t textured yet, so you see little yellow and purple squares.

Wouldn’t tracking all these footprints cause insane lag, I remember in the Murder game mode in Gmod having footsteps on when you’re the murderer drops my FPS by like 20 and that’s on tiny maps when 8 players

Remove the ‘skill’ thingy & you shall recive my* ‘Agree’*.

I imagine not all footprints in games are made the same, there’s probably a way to do this efficiently.

Maybe just have a decal draw limit and set it to like 100 meters in a circle around you. There’s no reason to track someone’s prints across the map.